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The Naughty Duo - When PR Does Advertising

So, you might ask, since we are a PR Agency, would we ever engage in advertising? Our job is to tell clients why a limited budget should be spent on PR initiatives as opposed to ads, but the truth of the matter is advertising and PR work hand in hand (with social media and other initiatives) to create an overall representation of a brand. Therefore, it is only logical, and beneficial, that sometimes it does happen, and we advertise; and we at Orchan have been known to create some pretty distinctive advertisements and occasionally advertise in publications that meet our business needs.
Following all things Orchan, there is a particular 'identity' that we follow - this has evolved through the years, and has stuck because it represents us so well - different, not afraid to challenge the norms, quirky, colourful, and embracing of change.
One campaign Orchan especially enjoyed was a series we did with Advertising+Marketing magazine, back in time before the Mayans said the world would end. With four months of advertising space available to us, we decided to opt for something different. Rather than keep the same graphic throughout the campaign, the Orchan team (with the help of the rather awesome Ben) crafted a series of advertisements.
Not only representing Orchan, but the "change" we advocate for our clients, this series took Orchan through the ages, and touched on not only our personality, but some current events at the time.
The first took the concept of CHANGE through time and through design periods - from early stone carvings through to modern era - but why? Change is natural and has happened throughout time. Your business is not unique in wanting, needing, resisting, or embracing change - it is simply a natural process that everyone (even us stubborn ones). Don't be afraid of change - the world around us has been doing it for millions of years. Embrace it.

Taking the first version and putting it into context, this ad takes a subtle dig at Orchan's Managing Director - who is not only known for being a perfectionist with words and strategy, but for quite often straightening crooked paintings at restaurants of public places, not to mention fixing grammar on poorly-constructed shop signs!

Life, and business, throw obstacles at us every day. Just when you think smooth sailing has arrived, along comes a small tidal wave to get your bladder working faster. But the truth is, we are all trained to survive these storms, and to navigate our way through the obstacle course that is business, with the ability to come out the other end extremely successful. This is replicated in Orchan's business development - not everything has been smooth sailing; but as we master one hurdle, we share with our team and others how to overcome it, and move forward on to greater things.


And ever so timely was the Mayan's prediction that the world would end. What's dictated the fears of mankind for some time has now past, as we look into the future knowing that we have all changed just that little bit to make the future better for everyone.

Hope you enjoyed a sneak peak into our logical craziness through this particular ad campaign. We loved it; had an awesome time creating the ideas and seeing the 'real us' shine through in advertised print.

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