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Orchan's PR Executive - The other one

Ola! My name is Joenathan Jeremmy Jeffery and I’m here to tell you a little bit about myself. I know it’s a long name (my mother came up with it) but you can call me Jeremmy, for short. Some may ask, why not Joe? Probably because there’s more than enough Joe’s around, and I don’t intend to be just another Joe that you used to know. Anyway, I bear the title of PR Executive for the cult that I am currently in; Orchan Consulting.

I have dedicated my life to being the slave of the PR industry, after offering 28 steamed chickens at the altar of the Gods. Essentially, I enjoy the company of nice people and food. I take the pleasure of being occupied by unanimated objects (my smartphone). By day, I’m a PR practitioner; and by night, I see myself as an avid gamer.

On weekends, I stay at home.
Filming an Indonesian sinetron (soap opera) - I wish.

My close friends (yes, I have friends) declared that I am selectively-social, even though my job requires me to be highly sociable. My interests include music, movies, games, techs and a little bit of sports. I consider myself as a random person, to be honest. I don’t plan ahead, and I prefer to go with the flow (most of the time) unless the situation requires me to make a decision.

As a person who struggles between being a working adult and staying a kid at heart, I believe that growing old is optional. One can be at 60 years of age but still kick butts at Pokémon battles. I occasionally pause when asked about my age, simply because age is just a number. On that note, I turn a year wiser in the month of August of every year, in case any are wondering. So, I expect gifts (wink). Anyway, back to my point. I strongly believe that age does not define one’s maturity or level of intellectual.

I was an intern at Orchan for six (6) months prior to my decision to be a member of the cult. As of today, I am nine (9) months new, ready to take on more responsibilities of a PR Executive. Based on my six-month internship, I have gathered a lot of insights from client meetings, to client events, and to food reviews. I started off with making calls to the media houses and updating media lists. Along the way, I received valuable skills including writing press releases (although I think I need a lot of improvement in that area).

My six-month internship was something I value dearly, that not many can endure. As Christina put it, “If you survive Orchan, you can survive almost anything the world throw at you.”  I have learnt a lot during this six-month internship, mainly because I have the time to enjoy the workload at my own pace. I couldn’t imagine being in the shoes of interns who only have three months to finish their internship. Can you imagine cramming all the knowledge and information into a short period of time? Wait. It is possible. My college was the only college to require their students undergoing a six-month internship (to my understanding).

Learning never ends and it is an ongoing process. That is what I learnt being in Orchan. We are all connected in an interdependent work environment that also works independently should the situation arise. It is something that I’m thankful for everyday to be a part of because there are others out there not having the luxury of getting a proper work experience.

I am in the stage of life where I am comfortable with what I have and where I am. Instead of looking for something to enjoy, I prefer to enjoy the moment. That’s how I managed to be where I am today (even when your colleagues were betting on how long you can last). It’s a blessing to be a part of something.

That is all for now from me, and thank you for your time. I hope I didn’t waste your precious 5 minutes by reading this. Have a great year ahead!

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