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Orchan Hosts a Group of University of Southern California Students during their Malaysian Business Study Tour

Part of our responsibility to the business community is to ensure that we are available to help not only the current generation of business persons and practitioners, but also to be ready to train and mentor future generations. For it is the future generations that will take over our places as we get older (if we ever allow ourselves to retire), but it is also these generations that look up to us all in the industry today to see what we are doing, why and how we are doing it, and to learn from current best practice.

In March last year, we were honoured to be invited by the Marshall School of Business (University of Southern California) to facilitate a session with their students on the PR industry landscape in Malaysia. This group of high-achievers, both undergraduate and graduate business students, were undertaking a practical immersion course in Singapore and Malaysia, engaging with business and thought leaders, to learn about and understand the real business environment in the region, from the horse’s mouth, so to speak.
Students from the Marshall School of Business at the University of Southern California Engaging in a Thought Leadership Workshop with Orchan

The students spent a morning with Orchan, and our close friend, Alice George (a well-known Malaysian PR consultant) who we roped in to contribute, discussing the PR and media landscape in Malaysia, and answering questions about the direction Malaysian businesses are taking. Sponsored by our client, Spasso Milano, who put on cakes and coffee for us all in their private dining room, we were able to engage in productive dialogues along a number of themes key to our organization.
Farrell Tan, Craig J Selby (Orchan Directors) and Alice George leading the discussion


What is it like to represent small and medium enterprises in Malaysia? What barriers do we face as practitioners, and what barriers do smaller businesses face in this country? How much does the government regulate the media industry, and how do we get around this to ensure maximum benefit for clients? These were just some of the questions asked, which ranged from SME issues to bigger picture questions regarding Vision 2020 and where we see the future of business in Malaysia. Fortunately, no-one asked us our favourite colour of local food! These students were extremely intelligent and engaging, and asked questions that we seldom heard from others.

Intelligent questions were being asked :-)

For Orchan, it was a valued opportunity to share our teams’ perspective on the business and media landscape with others, and to help prospective businesspersons get a handle on the business scene in Malaysia, especially for those who are keen on exploring work opportunities in the country.

Quite a crowd. Thanks Spasso Milano for sponsoring the space and the munchies

We certainly look forward to crossing paths with these students again!

Orchan and Alice George were presented with some lovely mementos from the student delegation 



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