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Humans of Orchan – Craig J Selby
We started Orchan because we wanted to leave a legacy, to do something different, and to reintroduce personalization into business. Big agencies and other organisations are often faceless and heartless, with the big boss turning up on two occasions – for the pitch, and to collect the cheque. But hang on, its these guys – the bosses – that are leaders in their field, and should lead by example every step along the way.
Craig at the Prestige Magazine, Top 40 Under 40, Ten Year Celebration Party. The prop was mandatory!

With Orchan, we will never grow to be bigger than our capabilities. Yes, we select our clients (carefully too), as we want to be 100% behind what they have to offer; but also so we can ensure a hands-on experience throughout the representation. That might upset our staff, as we are always breathing down their necks (they can’t sneak out to a meeting without us being there) – but ultimately, it means a faster, and more considered response time for the client.
I got into Public Relations (PR) because of Farrell. My background is an eclectic mix of many things – all culminating in a unique melting pot of skills that can be tasked to any client’s need.
A broad business consultant, I like to think about PR from a holistic perspective; understanding how all facets of marketing, management, and consumerism interact to embed themselves in a campaign.
I have never been afraid of hard work. As a young teenager, I had a holiday pet feeding business, which gave me valuable insight into dealing with people (and to making my own way in the world). The money I earned helped me pay for the things I wanted; over and above what others had. I worked in the supermarkets stacking the shelves (Introduction to Retail Management 101 [hahaha]), and at shopping malls and offices as a commercial cleaner. I did part time tutoring of high school students too all through senior high school and university.
I kick-started a very successful academic career some twenty something years ago. Employed as a tutor at the University of Auckland, I survived in a fun-loving but highly politicized department for 7 years. I’m still in touch with some of my former colleagues from there (good friends remain so forever), and whilst they have stayed true to their academic roots, I’m happy with the path I took. I did the full academic path – post graduate degrees and diplomas, even a qualification in wine, and a couple of teaching qualifications to boot. Variety is the spice of life, they say; so I guess I'm spiced:). I did research on Chinese Family Firms, Education Practice, Globalisation, and now internationalized education and the learning experience.
I went on to lecture at two other Universities in New Zealand – teaching Marketing, Management, Economics, and Communications. Even a few guest lectures in Environmental Psychology. Did I mention I have eclectic qualifications and interests?
Never back down from a challenge - we can all achieve what we want to. Sometimes, all we need is someone standing in our way to make it really happen

Learning by doing, I actively sought promotion and professional development opportunities. I learnt to be a consultant (thanks Doug for being my mentor) and started a consultancy company focusing on establishing private sector language and business schools. I acted as Principal for three of the schools I set up; taught part time for Polytechnics, and sat on the advisory board of others. Bigger opportunities arose as I got involved in setting up businesses for others – including a dance studio, a legal partnership, and a graphic design company, amongst others.
Exit stage right – Malaysia. Needing a massive change of scene, I winged it and moved to Malaysia, not really knowing what would await. Got a job as a Principal at a private institute – but dealing with kids was not my thing and happily resigned one and a half years later. I think the institute is still in business, but no one really knows these days with the state of the education system and its over-inter-play with business.
Hung around the education sector in Malaysia for a few more years, eventually taking on a part time Professorship teaching MBA students in International Business and Research Methodology. Yes, I love teaching, but … it lacks that real world interaction and challenge.
Hence, Orchan. Five years and six months ago, starting from an office out of our apartment, Orchan emerged. First real office was a serviced office in PJ, then to Bandar Utama. First sharing, then on our own. Now in Taman Desa, and happily part of the neighbourhood culture.
This just speaks for itself, for those who know Craig well

Little did I realize just how fun Orchan would be. An opportunity to work on some amazing projects, learn from some awesome clients, and really learn a lot more about myself along the way.
So folks, that’s me. A slightly quirky guy who has varied interests, far too many letters after his name, and simply loves what he does (and the people he works with, especially Christina, Jeremmy, and Kristy). Yes, they hijacked this post and made me write it!
A more relaxed Craig, mulling over some burgers

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  1. I enjoyed the read! Keep them coming, Mr CEO (Chief Entertainment Officer) :P


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