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It's About Opening Closed Doors

 In any business, expansion is always part of the plan. Be it to branch out to a completely new platform of services or simply expanding our services within the same industry, it is only a matter of time before the vision becomes realised. As a Public Relations company, Orchan has serviced numerous clients from the F&B sector to property and lifestyle. From crisis management to facilitating launch events and more, there is one particular sector that clients have always been asking us about:


Today, we proudly introduce Orchan Creative Design (OCD) to you; a branch of Orchan Consulting | Asia.

Out of the desire to slowly expand Orchan to be more than a full-service agency, giving clients additional services and pulling together broad aspects of marketing communications all under one roof with a multi-talented team underpinning everything, OCD came to be as a branch of Orchan; with a new partner for the project, the now Creative Director Benjamin Lam.

Why OCD? Well, in an industry where precision is valued, a little bit of OCD works to the team’s favour, especially when it’s made up of meticulous individuals. That way, clients need not worry about their overall branding initiative; as the philosophy behind OCD goes, “we are OCD, so you don’t have to be”. But really, it is to bring cost-effective, exceptional design to your business to reinforce your overall branding initiative.

OCD is just a call away – 03 – 7453 5138.

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