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On a vacation in New Zealand
Having worked in the audit and commercial line for four and five years respectively, I thought “why not get more exposure from other industries and accounting practice”? Timely enough, I was introduced to Orchan Consulting through a mutual friend who found out Orchan was looking for an administrator.

Before I walked through Orchan’s door on my first day, I couldn’t help but wonder what the team was like; and how the addition of an administrator will affect the company dynamic. Then, I realised there was nothing to worry about. The team was quick to extend their welcome, giving me a sense of belonging; and it turned out to be a fun place to work at where everyone cared for each other like they were family.

I believe that’s because Orchan offers an environment where learning and growing professionally (and according to Christina, physically too, as they’ve attended numerous client food reviews) without being judged. With that said, Orchan became learning and growing ground for me, along with peers who are willing to share their experience without the fear of “what if she knows more than I do”.

When I’m not crunching numbers or ensuring everyone’s got their pay cheque (I’ve got the power!), I enjoy gardening (because flowers are a lot less stressful than numbers; though it doesn’t stress me all the time), crafting and sewing. I enjoy listening to music and watching movies during my free time. I also love to travel – wanderlust is hereditary (if I could visit New Zealand again soon, I so would!).

Before I conclude, let me share one of my favourite quotes from Alphonse Karr; “some people grumble that roses have thorns; I am grateful that thorns have roses”. I’ve always believed in staying positive in both action and thought, and it’s great to finally be a part of a team that shares the same sentiment.

Until next time!

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