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Stuck for Ideas for Social Media Content?

Curating campaigns is easy – creating content is the tough one! Well, that is for some.

Crafting an overall campaign with great messaging is a key task of the modern PR person. And so too, in ever-increasing ways, is drafting content for our social media sites. Brands have shifted their focus from just Facebook. A plethora of social media, and business social media, sites have evolved over recent years, each with a distinct target audience, and each with different content types – textual, graphic, #hashtags, video, overlays, with many now being more integrated.

The great thing though with the development of these diverse platforms has been the support tools that have been developed along-side them. Tools like Canva for example make it super-easy to be creative – designing a huge range of fun social media graphics, allowing you to have fun, but at the same time stay on brand too.

But it goes beyond just Cavna … there’s scheduling tools, social listening tools (so that you know what people are saying about your brand), monitoring, and analytics (so you can see what type of content is resonating best with your audiences).

Take a look at the following post by our friends at DesignRush – highlighting some of the best Social Media Management Listening tools available in 2019!

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