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Need Drugs? | A New Perspective on CSR

I personally hold the view that CSR should be a behind-the-scenes initiative, done out of the goodness of ones’ heart, without the need for publicity. Multinational corporations issuing larger-than-life cheques for a few thousand ringgit, taking orphans to lunch at a fancy restaurant – it’s all good, but it’s usually for the publicity.

My cynicism aside, the publicity opportunity, and the stakeholder outreach, is valuable. It showcases the contributions an organisation makes to its wider community, and most importantly, it shines some light on the recipient (either person or organisation) – who are often underrepresented not only in society as a whole, but in media opportunity to share their story.

But what happens when you are on the wrong side of the law? Traditional media are not going to support your activities; or are they?

Today’s news in Australia, in the heat of the bushfires, just goes to show that strange things can happen.

Typically, your daily read is not going to be promoting drug dealers per se, rather highlighting court cases where they are being prosecuted, or successful police campaigns to take drugs off the street. All good stuff.

But today was different. Via text message, which later got picked up by key news outlets, one of Australia’s top drug dealers (didn’t realise there was actually a leaderboard for this) announced that he would be donating 10% of the value of his sales this weekend to bushfire relief.
Claiming his family was also affected by the disaster, he wanted to give back. I'm guessing though that his crops weren't affected?

All sweet and well, but what he actually did was get major dailies to promote his operations. That’s the real feat here!

Or maybe drug dealers just really do have a heart!


Drug dealer promises to donate 10 per cent of cocaine earnings to Aussie bush fire appeal

An Australian drug dealer has made a pledge to his customers that he would donate 10 per cent of his cocaine earnings to the bushfire relief appeal.

In a text message sent to customers, the dealer encouraged his customers to dig deep and "get in quick" while revealing his family had been impacted by the fires.

The dealer reassured customers it wasn't a joke and said the donations would "mean a lot".


"We will be donating 10% of all purchases this weekend to the bushfires... as a lot of my family have been affected.. not a joke. Actually being legit thank you all.

"Hopefully you guys can also donate would mean a lot thank you."

The word pearl is often slang for the drug cocaine.

The dealer's text messages soon went viral online, with many people praising the person's honesty.

"Good to see small business supporting Aussies in need," one person wrote.
"Feels good donating," another joked.
"A modern Robin Hood," one suggested.

It is not expected the dealer will be revealing their identity any time soon.

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