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Business leaders hope never to face a crisis. It can affect their brand, their credibility, and erode the loyalty of customers. And, chances are, it’s outside of their control. 

But that doesn’t mean a business shouldn’t be ready – preparing for a crisis is one of the most effective tools in our arsenal of minimising opportunity for crisis to impact our brand.

Orchan are strong advocates of training – at the coalface, all the way up to C-suite. We work with our clients teams to help them prepare for everything media-related – crisis management being just one of these themes. 
Last week, Orchan’s Directors, Craig J Selby and Farrell Tan facilitated an intensive one day training seminar for a large local player in the telecommunications industry. Targeting their Heads of Department and mid-level management team, the session brought together inter-connected themes from several areas of crisis management, condensed into a full-on one (1) day workshop, where the most important nuggets of advice were explored in context for the client - from Preparing for a Crisis, to Social Media Management in Crisis Situations, to Training Your Team Internally.

Although participants had a degree of prior exposure to issues crisis management; many had not been put in a position to think it through end-to-end, and thus to all the nuances that relate to issues of crisis management and crisis communications. This full day session served up the opportunity to explore these, and to discuss best-practice actions and response protocols, along with issues of how one needs to influence organisational culture to positively support crisis management planning. 

Many were aware of the role that social media plays in perpetuating (and elevating) a crisis, but few had fully grasped the strategic integration of this into the organisations holistic response. They sure did after this workshop.
With exercises designed to embed humanity into crisis management, to challenge ones understanding of the fundamentals of communication, and to get the crisis team working on the same page, we were able to successfully work through a range of issues which the participant’s corporation potentially face, and to strengthen the inter-organisational knowledge-sharing practices departments, in order to fully understand the crisis communications landscape.

Client feedback was very positive, and gauging from the high level of intelligent questions being posed by participants, they each got a lot out of the experience.


Orchan offers six Crisis Management workshops amongst its schedule of customised training options: 

Developing Your Crisis Management Plan
Crisis Management Spokesperson Training
Responding to a Crisis
Getting Media on Your Side
Digital & Social Media Management During Crisis
Training Your Team Internally

Each of these workshops are run as either half day or full day – tailor-made to client’s organisational needs. Our training can be held in-house or off-site at one of our partner’s facilities.

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