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It’s not every day (or in this case, every year) an agency gets to wear a superhero cape. In 2015, Orchan took home the PR Agency of the Year Bronze as well as the Local Hero Award during the Advertising + Marketing Magazine’s AOTY Awards 2015.

Orchan won the Bronze award based upon submission results relating to success for client, success in agency, and contribution to the communications industry. It is a recognition of the body of work done by Orchan throughout 2014.

This includes Orchan’s ongoing commitment to be a Thought Leader in the industry; contribution to industry development, cost-effective results for clients, and overall quality of campaigns produced.
Managing Director, Craig J Selby and Founding Director, Farrell Tan stand proud with the awards
Local Hero is an award for meritorious Malaysian-owned agencies that stand out, and Orchan, who competed with mostly internationally-owned agencies has been given the cloak of honour.

Local Hero demonstrates an industry recognition that Orchan is doing things right; that it is making its mark, and that businesses out there appreciate its way of thinking for their brands. It was meaningful for Orchan as a boutique agency to have won as it puts its name on the map.

The award ceremony was attended by renowned agencies, large clients and MNCs.
The two awards won by Orchan

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