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Environ® is a skin care brand founded and created by renowned South African cosmetologist, Dr Desmond Fernandes. The brand was founded out of desperation to both cure and prevent melanoma, after Desmond lost two young patients to skin cancer. Being the brain behind Environ®, Desmond’s interest in photo-damage and the study of skin, made him realise that in order to rejuvenate a patient, a healthy younger-looking skin and a younger structure are needed. Thus, Environ® takes a different approach to skin care, by supplementing the skin topically through replacing lost vitamins, especially with topical vitamin A which reinvigorates the genes of your skin cells, making the skin younger.

Perfect for all skin types, Environ® products replenish and help reverse skin health into the pink. High effective doses of vitamin A is Environ’s skin care advantage while the right amount of antioxidants, vitamins E and C, resveratrol and beta-carotene are also included in the products. Besides, the revolutionary DF Machine which incorporates the simultaneous use of Iontophoresis and Sonophoresis to provide the skin with maximum penetration of active ingredients for best possible results.

Orchan launched the brand in Malaysia for Environ’s® local distributor, and also helped to profile the Dr Desmond Fernandes. As a brand, it has a strong global following, and for many with certain skin conditions, Environ offers a solution not seen before.
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