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Second Chances Are Always Good

Intern Richard and girlfriend
“Good Morning, Richard from Orchan Consulting, how may I help you?” That’s the first thing I learnt in Orchan. I’m 21 years old and currently in the last year of my Bachelor’s degree in Public Relations. Like most undergraduates, I have been looking forward to starting my internship. I just like how it throws me into the actual working environment, rather than forces me to read textbooks. 

Finding an Internship
I was browsing through the web looking for companies offering internships, when I found Orchan. It struck me, “where have I heard this before?” (I heard it from a sharing session of a senior, Yi Jing.) Being curious, I dug deeper and found Orchan’s website. The groovy music was somewhat amusing, and those weird-looking Orchanites jumping and running around was freaking awesome. Never had I ever come across a website like this. Without knowing, I read through Orchan’s entire website, and found out what they do, Orchestrating Change, and that’s exactly what I want to experience!

The Interview
I e-mailed my resume to apply for an internship position at Orchan and I was lucky enough to get scheduled for an interview. During the interview, I was so nervous that I messed everything up. I failed the interview. Craig said I “fucked up real bad, worst interview he had ever had”. (Not too bad considering you can’t be the best.)

Joining the Team
Now, I’m here at Orchan, on the fourth day of my internship writing up a story about myself, how I found Orchan, and how I managed to join the team (Craig and Christina gave me a second chance for another interview and I proved myself, in case you were wondering). How interesting it is to join the team for only three days that has gotten me to learn so much, and there is much more waiting.

Can’t wait!

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