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The Orchid Conservatory at The Majestic Hotel.
Well, that is the question – the eternal question. To which, there is only ever going to be one acceptable answer for that question. Yes! Having Twinings as the introductory event for my internship? Yes! Afraid of screwing up, as I’d never done anything remotely close to this? Yes! Even though I wasn’t well-versed in the tea-drinking culture, I could feel my inner tea-connoisseur taking over.

Of course, the real professional was the tenth generation descendant of the Twinings tea family, Stephen Twining himself. The Orchid Conservatory at The Majestic Hotel served as the platform for the Twinings Global Ambassador to showcase the newest release of Twinings blends. With vibrant and picturesque floral displays, the event location offered visual appeal for members of the media, an allure soon to be eclipsed by what was to come.
Intern, Fithri, and Yi Jing attending to the media, smiling albeit knowing they won’t share the same fate as those prepped for a good Afternoon Tea.
Orchanites – Fithri, Yi Jing, and Intern surveyed the crime scene beforehand, watching the ritualistic ground being established, as tea-bags were prepared for sacrifice for the eager appetite of the media.  Orchanite Farrell assumed the role of monitor, biding time, anticipating a screw-up by Orchanite Intern.
Each of the eight (8) blends being brewed for success.
A berry-infused iced tea served as a teaser for members of the media, before they were ushered to their respective seats. They could immediately smell something brewing, not that they were in danger of any immediate danger – the only threat they were faced with was a possible overdose of quality. Teapots quaintly sat on individual burners, each containing a Twinings brew destined for the tastebuds of those fortunate to have attended the event. Quality was promised, and what was promised was delivered convincingly.
No, I wasn’t invited to the party, unfortunately.
Media attendees were treated with delicious confectionaries, further accentuated by the eight (8) (yes, there were eight (8)!) flavours within the Large-Leaf Discovery Collection, each blend representing the artisanal craftsmanship of the Master Blenders. Personally, I would’ve just called the eight (8) blends “Yummy Goodness”, but seeing as I’m not quite the sophisticated person, I’ll leave the naming to others and expend my attention on just enjoying tea instead.

Also acting as the Director of Corporate Relations for the namesake brand, Stephen Twining brimmed with enthusiasm as he assumed the role of docent, educating each attentive listener on the art of perfect tea-making. Media, Majestic staff, and Orchanites alike were fixated at Stephen Twining as he meticulously explained the details, including pre-heating the teapot, a requisite temperature for the water used (freshly boiled, mind you), brewing time…
Module Code: T101; How to Make the Perfect Cup of Tea.
I didn’t have the discipline in jotting down relevant notes, but what I do know was that that cup of tea represented centuries of brilliance, passed down from one generation to the next. The event culminated with media interviews, as Stephen Twining devoted his attention and patience in answering various questions, my favourite being, “Which do you prefer, coffee or tea?”.

Whiffs of Twinings teas circulated us as we called it a day, a successful event with a complete media turnout. As we got on our way, Orchanite Farrell asked, “You guys didn’t eat the leftovers ah”? Orchanite Intern sighed, as he pondered over the missed opportuni-tea.

Benjamin is a student of International Relations at the University of Nottingham, currently exploring unchartered realms of the Public Relations field for a voluntary internship. Writing is clearly his interest – a decisive contributor to his foray into the public relations industry. To date, he boasts the proud record of having tamed one of the office cats, and drinking expired tea from the pantry.

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