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A Spoon-a-Day Goes a Long Way

Press conference is a great way to introduce your product to the world. It provides the initial exposure that your product needs to be successful by placing it in front of journalists and other industry insiders.

Organising a press conference is nothing easy. From the planning, to the execution; it’s all about precision and the right timing. From the crafting of the press release, to the media invitation, they need to be consistent and seamless.

Depending on client, a press conference can mean a lot of things. Generally, a press conference is a meet up with journalists and a session of query. This allows the client to have unfiltered responses on how they are perceived. This is where we come in, providing suggestions.

Enter Spoon Health, a company dedicated to advocate a healthy-er lifestyle for people combining convenience and hassle-free consumption of super foods. Spoon Health decided to launch their two new products; Organic Keenwah Powder and Organic Chia Seeds.
Organic Keenwah Powder and Organic Chia Seeds
The launch was done at Organica Lifestyle, an ‘urban sanctuary’ for the mind, and body. Organica Lifestyle offers cafĂ© and shop on the ground floor, and yoga studio upstairs.
Press conference was attended by media guests and Spoon Health personnel
Yesterday was the launch of Spoon Health’s key products; Organic Keenwah Powder and Organic Chia Seeds. Media arrived a tad delayed due to the weather. Craig (yes, Craig emceed) initiated the conference by welcoming the attendees. The founder of Spoon Health, Hendry Cheah had a few words to share to the guests.
Peanut Butter Power Shake (from above)
Shantini (Organica Lifestyle founder) took over and began demonstrating the ease of incorporating quinoa powder and chia seeds into our daily meals. Media interaction spiced things up for the guests. A mini competition was set up for the media attending. Albeit no prizes to be won, the intention was to make it fun. No media personnel were harmed during the press conference.
Shantini explaining the benefit of Quinoa Powder and Chia Seeds

As a public relations company for Spoon Health, we are assigned to facilitate our client; be it emceeing (which rarely happens) or one-on-one interviews. At the end of the day, it really is up to the client to decide what key messages they want to be put out there.

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