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Media Perspective
(Commentary by Aidi Shukor)

They say, seeing is believing. So, that means that we should always believe whatever we see being reported by the mainstream media, right? They are the eyes of the public, no?

Not really. The article below by Adam Goldberg of AON News explains how the media can easily deceive us to believing whatever news reported and published by them are the absolute truth. They are not.

This is because media outlets don’t publish anything just for fun, they often have an aim or a motive depending on the ones running them. What they do give instead is a perspective which is usually biased to a certain party.

For instance, the photos that were posted on Donald Trump’s Inauguration as President of the United States made it seem like many came to cheer for him when in reality, the crowd was way less overwhelming than they portrayed it to be.

These days, more and more people turn towards alternative media which like the mainstream ones, also market themselves as “the truth”. So, as a way winning back readers and followers, mainstream media uses their perspective to make things seem more interesting and hype-worthy than they actually are.

However, are we just going to accept all the news from them as legitimate? Or, are we going to decide by ourselves what is true and what is not by taking everything that the media says with a pinch of salt? 

The choice is yours.

Oh, don’t forget to look at the photos below!

People are Posting Examples of the Media
Manipulating the Truth (Photos)

It’s been reported ironically, in the mainstream and out in the open in the past several years that people are believing in the bias and the authority of the mainstream media less and less. In the last few years, traditional news media has been having much more of a rough time, though it’s almost like someone is trying to make up for that by damaging the alternative media.

According to a survey cited in articles like this, more Americans hold a negative rather than positive view of the traditional news media, with 43 percent of those surveyed holding a negative view with 33% holding a more positive view.

People really don’t seem to know what is accurate, and that says a lot of things about where we’re at today. Here are some things people recently posted to demonstrate in a lighthearted manner how the media truly might distort a story.
A Tax Protest in Paris
Conservative Leader Theresa May Launching the Party’s Campaign Bus in the Town of Northumberland
Hillary Clinton Rally in Omaha, Nebraska
The Presidential Inauguration of Donald Trump
A TV News Station, Definitely Not in the City
A Hillary Clinton Event in Ohio
Picture Taken in Cooperation with a Young Palestinian, Photographer Ruben Salvadori Covered Conflict Between Palestinian Youth and Israeli Soldiers
US Marines Help Iraqi Soldiers
Who Even Knows What is Going on in The Actual Photo, But It’s Meant to Represent the Different Ways Media Could Portray It
Photo Taken When Prince William Presented Royal Baby to the World
One article notes, “The problem is bias. While ideally the media should be objective and hold power to account, in reality we know that most news outlets are partisan and have their own agenda to advance. Whether state-owned or run by some shady tax-avoiding billionaire, getting ‘the masses’ to view the world from a certain perspective has always been a priceless power to wield.”

One could say stagnation has led to people seeing the routine, consistent tricks played by the powers that be wielding the media, for what they are. It’s been like a stagnant, constant period of time unfortunately since the beginning of events in the early 2000’s, when the media has been promoting nonstop “national defense.”

People know more about how the media is today, because it’s been the same, stagnant program for decades and decades now. It can be quantified with studies and statistics, or it can be understood in detail in one person’s own intuition and personal understanding.

This article wasn’t intended to go deep into what the media really censors and doesn’t censor, because at this point if you don’t know that, you missed what this decade was about for a lot of people. The mainstream media really has too much money to accept dying out without trying to do something about it, and that “something” just may end up being censorship on the Internet.


Image source credit: War Is Crime

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