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“Can I just steal one of th-”

“No, Ben. Those are meant for the media an-”

“But there aren’t any spare ones left!”

“Exactly, because we’re not supposed to have-”

“Just one?”


In conjunction with the upcoming Chinese New Year, where families celebrate togetherness – whilst city-dwellers such as myself celebrate precious days of utopian traffic, SCS had prepared new recipes of an assortment of artisanal cookies. The household brand has been spreading joy and delight through their dairy products for over 111 years, and is the preferred choice of many, including my father – which by definition, meant that SCS butter is the only acceptable butter at home.

Although traditional treats have served myriads of families and guests over the centuries, recent baking trends are increasingly being centered on unique baked goods. This is not to say that new recipes are there to supplant the veteran delicacies, but rather to highlight the creativity and ingenuity of SCS in churning out new twists on traditional goodies. They might be an established brand but they definitely can learn new tricks!
Treasure Cookies are the simplest of the bunch – a simple butter cookie glazed with royal icing, and this is where the quality of SCS butter is most noticeable, when only five ingredients are all it takes to create this masterpiece. The relative simplicity of the recipe also represents a perfect opportunity for the whole family to be involved with the baking and decorating of the cookies, further ushering in the spirit of togetherness and joy.
It isn’t a rare sight to see boxes and crates of tangerines prepped for hosting guests and personal appetites alike. This phenomenon can be attributed to two primary factors – firstly, that tangerines (or mandarin oranges) are pronounced as kam in Cantonese, and shares the same pronunciation as “gold”, and secondly, that superstition is basically synonymous with that of Chinese culture. With SCS’s recipe for their Lucky Tangerine cookie, be prepared for additional buttery calories to go with the festive season!
Precious Pistachio Rollover Biscuits are an ingenious attempt in combining the crunchiness of pistachios with the rich, creamy texture of a shortbread (good on its own, elevated when made with SCS butter!). This combination eliminates the need for creating additional mess when snacking on CNY treats (I’m looking at you, pistachio shells!), while still allowing the opportunity to enjoy pistachios hassle-free!
The final treat on the recipe seems to be personally created for yours truly. Pumpkin seeds? Check. Macadamias? Yes. Pecans? Good. Sunflower seeds? Yum. Oh and by the way, just glue that all together with some caramel, and bake them in a delicate and flavourful tart shell. The Pot of Gold Miniature Tarts were inspired by another traditional Chinese festive delicacy – the mooncake, again a testament to SCS’s ability in innovating tradition.   

Writing on all those cookies have really piqued my appetite… time to snack on those…

Benjamin is a student of International Relations at the University of Nottingham, currently exploring unchartered realms of the Public Relations field for a voluntary internship. Writing is clearly his interest – a decisive contributor to his foray into the public relations industry. To date, he boasts the proud record of having tamed one of the office cats, and drinking expired tea from the pantry.

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