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Even a minute can make a huge difference. That’s what most people would agree on when it comes to tragic situations or emergencies. Time becomes a luxury during such events, and these situations call for immediate action not exclusively from the first responders, but the civilians in near proximity.

Having someone to be well-equipped with the right knowledge and skills to handle crisis the moment it strikes, and before responders arrive, would mean a difference between minor and major damage, controlled and chaotic situations, and between lives saved and lives lost.

Albeit having the right mind-set and good attention, a lot of people have no idea how to react during a disaster. The Emergency Action Force of Malaysia (PTCM), a community volunteer organisation, didn’t want to pay no heed to this problem.

As a way to fully utilise the buffer time during a crisis, the organisation provides a series of emergency response training sessions for the willing members of the community who want to make a difference. They believe that the heroic spirit must be nurtured with knowledge and guidance, and the heroes among us should be the ones who would react first during emergencies.
Tackling disaster - PTCM is an NGO that trains volunteers on emergency disaster training.
Facilitated by rescue and emergency authorities, most often than not, the fire brigade; the first session of the training involves giving volunteers a hands-on experience in extinguishing fire properly, using both the everyday fire extinguisher, and the heavy water hoses furnished in almost every commercial buildings. For the advanced classes, volunteers would be taught to work alongside rescue dogs; further developing their search-and-rescue aptitude.

PTCM’s commitment to the goodness of the community was part of Orchan’s collaboration with a previous client. The public needed to know of PTCM’s training opportunities, and the client was honoured to support the organisation as part of their CSR initiatives.

Orchan assisted in conducting a media experience of the fire-fighting training sessions at the organisation’s PJ office. This resulted in coverage of the organisation’s activity in a number of media. It was a great undertaking for Orchan as it was considered a great way to indirectly help the community.
Ready for disaster by Star Metro

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