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Orchan was pleased to be part of Jane Iredale; The Skin Care Make Up ‘s first ever presence in the Malaysian market. The brand, introduced by Jane Iradele, is known for being the first cosmetic company to offer a full makeup line that provides not only colour enhancement, but also benefits to the skin.

Jane Iredale products are all based on micronised minerals and are made without fillers, binders, dyes and preservatives; something a lot of people are concerned about when it comes to cosmetics. This feature made Jane Iredale stand out in offering top-of-the-line skin care makeup; cherished by many celebrities and physicians all over the world.

The lady behind these revolutionary products, Jane Iredale, started her career as a casting director working in television commercials and films with models including Lauren Hutton, Jaclyn Smith and Cybill Shephard, as well as with actresses like Susan Sarandon, Glenn Close and Sarah Jessica Parker. Her experience working with these stars alongside the best makeup artists in the field gave birth to the philosophy of her products; makeup artistry comes not from trying to make a face conform to the latest fashion trends, but from enhancing the wearer’s natural beauty and, as a result, allowing her personality to shine. According to Jane, skin disorders and sensitivities not only threaten the careers of women who depend on clear complexion, but it can also be detrimental to their self-esteem.

This led to the development of her makeup line with the influence of world-renowned plastic surgeons and dermatologists that contribute to the lives of women by aiding the health of the skin.

The Malaysian distributor of the products, BeauHub Sdn Bhd engaged Orchan to launch Jane Iredale. The brand was considered high-end cosmetic, and they needed to establish themselves exclusively in that market. The event was attended by a few local celebrities such as Rina Omar and Julie Woon, and it featured a celebrity makeover facilitated by Jane Iredale herself. The demonstration showcased the fine quality of the brand’s colour enhancement product that was able to cater to different skin tones.

The range of cosmetics are available at selected beauty salons around Malaysia.
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