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In 2015 and 2016 Orchan, through its design arm, OCD, was involved in an amazing grass roots project to help empower and educate farmers to cultivate their crops. A leading chemical supplier in Malaysia initiated the project, in the form of an educational resource centre, in order to communicate on a different level with their end customers, but to also help impart best-practice farming knowledge to those in the field every day. With the goal of ultimately feeding the world, this facility crafted an important step towards helping agriculturalists in Malaysia enhance their yield.

So, you might ask, and rightly so, what exactly did Orchan do with a rice growing school? Simple; two key things – core consulting on the design and layout of the education facility – my background in education management meant that I was uniquely positioned to assist in advising on layout, structure, and flow. But, the bulk of the project was in taking a huge assortment of educational materials from a variety of sources, and crafting engaging, informative, and accurate educational resources – huge posters to highlight crop disease, soil conditions, growth patterns, down to financial management of small farms. Resources created included approximately 15 large scale teaching posters, then revising these into eight smaller A1 scale flipcharts; amongst other collaterals for the project.

This was a fun project for the OCD team, as we got to create some excellent resources which are now being used daily to help educate and empower people to improve their lives. What better reward!

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