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It Is All About Making YOU Drool

Often, when we go out and tell people what we do as Public Relations practitioners, they always seem extra interested when we mention “we conduct food reviews for our Food and Beverage (F&B) clients”. What entails are a series of questions trying to understand what this “food review” is all about.

“What do you do during a food review? Do you, or someone else, write about the establishment?”

“Do you get to eat all that good food and drink unlimited champagne?”

Generally, a food review – like many other initiatives in our field of work – is about introducing our Clients’ business to the public via publications. The food industry may not be a vast field, but the competition is high. So, to help our F&B Clients stand out from others and to highlight what is new on their menu, we arrange and facilitate food reviews to introduce Client restaurants and bars to relevant publications – which thereafter (hopefully, assuming they like the offerings) translates into an article for the public.

Depending on the type of restaurant our Clients own, the plan of attack to a review session is different. As splendid as it may seem, a food review session is not to be mistaken as a grand buffet session where we can order whatever we want from the menu because it is on our Clients’ tab. At the end of the day, what is important is to highlight our Clients’ strengths and differences, and tell a story as to why dining at their restaurant is going to make your life complete.

Surely, with any initiatives, challenges are bound to entail. Be it a challenging situation posed by our own colleagues, the reviewer or Clients themselves, we always have to be prepared to face the situation; and most importantly, handle it appropriately regardless. Now, if you want to know more about these challenges we’ve faced, give us a call and let’s have coffee (or wine!). We have wonderful stories to tell! ;)

Often, publications send two individuals to attend the review – a writer and a photographer. However, in the absence of their photographer, our in-house photographer will take the responsibility. Why does photography play such an important role?

Sure, “words are, of course, the most powerful drug used by mankind”.

“Broiling a nice juicy steak until it spatters and hisses and crusts up in all the right places is wonderful. Roasting a chicken and seeing the skin crisp up in the oven while the meat goes tender beneath is lovely, too.” (The Wednesday Chef sure knows how to tease! Check it out: Now, let’s add a couple of photographs to that.
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Source -
Of course, a photograph may present itself as a double-edged sword, especially if and when the restaurant falls short in terms of quality and presentation. But, it also serves as a standard for restaurants to keep up to. Now, we call that consistency!

Until next time!

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